Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Time plan for filming

magazine advert research

 Here are five of the magazine adverts I have been looking at to get inspiration for and I noticed many similarities.

Firstly, the main feature is the album cover itself which in most of these cases is a close up of medium close of of a figure which works well with ideas I've had for my magazine article.
Next up is the band logo which appears at the very top of the page or at the bottom of the album art in almost every example I've looked at. It seems this is a common but successful template that I will be employing into my advert. 
 The next common aspect is that the information is lay underneath the image in an appropriate colour to the main logo. This includes the album name, the release date, reviews and what it will be released on.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Green screen practice and the use of chroma key

As we are still using the silhouette as the main character in the video (just with a much lesser role to play), it is still very important to be able to create them as realistically as possible. here is some evidence of work that me and Niall have been doing to work on our skills to create the silhouette. We use the chroma key tool on Premier Pro for this.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Time plan

On Tuesday 19th November, Niall and I will use a camera we have booked out from college to take photos of the model in the morphsuit for our digipak. They will be used to create a silhouette like in the video but it will be easier with photos as we can use the white background sheet and lighting kit that college provides to full effect and then finish them off using Adobe Photoshop.

I will use lesson time and free time from 19/11  until 27/11 (the deadline) to finish my digipak which includes taking and completing the images. I have already added the main text and completed the entire head back page and some of the head front page.

Later I will upload my ideas and drawing to display the possibilities for this digipak and magazine advert.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Location organisation

This is the list of the set of locations for our new video

The video of the child playing football - this can be filmed in my garden where we have adult supervision, lots of space and all the necessary props like footballs and goalposts, a back up to this is in a local field. I have a park by my house with very suitable scenery for the shot.

Student - we will be using a classroom in college then later going to a local pub or bar to capture the student life, this will be filmed in black and white and can use a specific local pub called The Oak Apple as it is an older looking pub.

Working man - we can use my grandparent's house for this, it is an old fashioned house and is extremely suitable for this video.

War section - we will use a war memorial site in a park by my house. This time of year is ideal as poppies are around everywhere and the weather creates a perfect mood.

Performers and casting

A list of performers and casting in the new video idea with how we can get in contact with them.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Digipak research

I looked at my personal selection of digipak albums displayed in this picture and looked at reoccurring themes and ideas. I noticed that the digipak once opened up displays one image stretched along both or all three pages of the booklet. In a small number they were separate images but the vast majority displayed one shot which could be a band shot, a live performance shot, a band logo or just a disjunctive shot. This has given me inspiration and ideas for my own digipak using the heartbeat monitor idea.

I also noticed that on almost all of the digipaks I looked at, the track listing took up just a small amount of space on the page, and the rest of the space used a logo, a fairly blank page or a mixture of the two. Once again, this has given me a lot of inspiration for ideas on my digipak.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

New idea

After speaking to Niall and doing research into moving silhouettes, we realised it would be difficult and probably out of our capabilities to create a silhouette of a baby and a small child using the same actor and same suit, so we have devised an alternative which sticks to the theme of a journey from life to death and still uses the idea of the silhouette character. The character will be displayed as an old man in a hospital bed, the heart rate monitor line will be everpresent and layered above the silhouette which will help us to tie into Andrew Goodwin’s framework by matching the movement of that monitor like to the beat of the song. At this point, he is on his final few minutes and we follow them by visiting the flashbacks of his life he has in this time. These will be shot in colour video and edited to match the time zone they are supposed to resemble. This is helpful to us as although we have done practice, our skills of making a moving silhouette are simply not strong enough to last for the entire song professionally. So it will be easier to film this as it requires less post filming work and still sticks to the theme of a journey through life as an alternative that we like just as much as the original idea. The ideas we have for the stages of his life are him as a child, his as a student, his getting a girlfriend, him socialising and making friends, him as a worker, him getting married, him as a veteran remembering the times he spent in battle (as he is an old man now it is likely he would’ve served in his early adult life) among a few more. Niall will draw up a character list, a location list with risk assessment and a props list for this.